This document outlines the path for onboarding a retailcloud merchant. It is a step by step guide for successfully implementing a merchant and championing them to use the retailcloud systems.

👋 Welcome

50 Seconds video on Implementation

50 Seconds video on Implementation

Getting Started 🗂

🗂 What to Expect

Use this as a guide to help you with your retailcloud implementation. This guide breaks down the implementation into each step and what is necessary to cover with merchants for a successful boarding process

🏁 Kickoff Call

Overview with the merchant to discuss and set up some of the key components, create the account, and gather files and information while the hardware is being shipped.

➕ Adding your Data

Detailed plan on how you can enter the data using various tools. This will be the item/product file, customer list, and employees.

⚒️ Install & Train

Detailed session from plugging in the hardware, running test transactions to make sure that peripherals work and getting the staff comfortable with the POS & backend functions.

🌎 Go Live

Steps to go live and start ringing up sales

Now that sales are flowing, it's a good time to review reports and features. More questions often arise as the merchant starts using the solutions.

📝 The Finishing Touches

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